Laser marking solution – PFS600

Laser marking solution – PFS600

Pre-filled syringes

In order to ensure the authenticity of pharmaceutical products and to fight against the counterfeiting of medicines, marking is a crucial step which allows better control and total traceability of products. This step also makes it possible to eliminate the risks of severe contamination caused by the mix-up of products during filling and packaging operations. But how can we ensure the marking of products without altering the most fragile containers, such as pre-filled syringes and glass vials?

This is now possible with the PFS600.

NAGINELS® technology :

Equipped with innovative NAGINELS® technology, the PFS600 is an exclusive laser-marking solution for pre-filled syringes. It ensures the unique and permanent marking of syringes without altering the glass, in order to offer greater traceability for products and eliminate the risk of mix-ups.


  • Eliminates the risk of mix-ups
  • Compatible with high-speed processing while ensuring the marking of a defined code (UDI)
  • No alteration of the glass
  • Marks up to 600 syringes/min (36,000 syringes/h)
  • Up to 18×18 points at 60 ms per datamatrix
  • Small engraving area (0.6mm x 0.6mm)
  • Flexibility and capability to achieve high performance
  • Compact, the PFS600 guarantees a small footprint
  • Ensures the safety of your operators
  • Seamless integration and layout study within the production line
  • No impact on overall industrial performance or cycle time


Downstream denesting

Unnests the syringes from the nests


Refeeds the syringes into the line

Rejects true/false

Handling of true/false rejects upstream, after the inspection unit


Repackaging in tubs/nests | RN150-300-600

Technical Specifications

Elements Processing Range

Pre-filled syringes



  • 6,85mm
  • 8,15mm
  • 10,85mm
  • 0.5 – 2,25ml
  • Compatibilité needle shields, tip caps, Luer Lock, PRT…
  • Speed

    Warranty : 600 syringes/min (36 000 syringes /h)

  • NAGINELS® technology
  • Permanent marking, resistant to the cold chain
  • No impact on the product and the container
  • No microcracks
  • Small engraving area (0.6mm x 0.6mm)
  • Multi-format printing (alphanumeric, datamatrix, GS1, QR codes…)
  • Efficiency
  • High efficiency (> 95%)
  • Low rejection rate (< 0.1%)
  • Integration
  • Integration into your production line
  • Custom configuration
  • Collaboration

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