Automatic Renesting Machine – RN600 – High speed

Automatic Renesting Machine
High speed

Pre-filled syringes

Repackaging your syringes in nests is an important step that must ensure performance, reliability, safety, and profitability. Cilyx offers you the opportunity to automate this process with the RN600.

Starting from an incoming polycord conveyor, the RN600 collects your syringes and arranges them smoothly and accurately in nests, thanks to its unique handling system. The RN600 has an average output of 600 syringes per minute, or 36,000 syringes per hour, and will fit perfectly into your production line.


The RN600 automatic renesting machine perfectly satisfies the needs of the pharmaceutical industry: robust, compact, and harmoniously integrated into your production line.

It increases your company’s productivity, while guaranteeing the safety of your operators.

Your renesting machine is CE-certified and satisfies all the requirements of cGMP and GAMP5 good manufacturing practices.


  • RN600 is compact and guarantees a small footprint
  • It drastically reduces the risks associated with handling: product integrity, loss of syringes, etc.
  • It guarantees the safety of your operators
  • Harmonious integration and installation study in the production line
  • Its configuration is customized according to your needs


Entrance conveyor

Polycord conveyor | Buffer stock management


Syringe-counting system

Tubs & nests pick and place unit

Entrance | Capacity: up to 30 tubs

Comb loading

Comb-loading function for syringes

Accumulation table

Entrance or Exit | Capacity: up to 30 tubs

Multi-tier accumulation table

Capacity: up to 90 tubs

No Glass to Glass

No Glass to Glass possible (NGTG)

Technical specifications

Elements Details




  • 6,85mm
  • 8,15mm
  • 10,85mm
  • 0.5 – 2,25ml
  • Needle shields, tip caps, Luer Lock, PRTC, etc. compatibility
  • Output

    600 syringes/min (36 000 syringes /h) guaranteed


    304/316L Stainless steel

    Control Station
  • Siemens S7 – 1500 PLC
  • Siemens Simatic HMI TP 1500
  • Robot

    Staübli TX2 60L – CS9 6 axes (other robot upon request)


    3 phases 400V – 25A – 50Hz

    Pneumatic pressure

    6 bars

  • Integration into your production line
  • Customised configuration
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