CILYX integrates a robot for ORANGE piloted through 5G

CILYX integrates a robot for ORANGE piloted through 5G

Specifically, 5G facilitates the deployment and customization of industrial robots. Its high performance enables real-time and secure management of robots, as well as direct programming of a fleet of robots. Furthermore, it facilitates the acquisition of large amounts of real-time data, promoting new uses such as autonomous vehicles, remote stock management, predictive maintenance, and digital twins.

In the industry, 5G is the foundation of many advancements:

  • Combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI), it makes machines learning, enhancing their performance.
  • Paired with Cloud or Edge computing, it allows for instant data transmission, facilitating precise production monitoring, remote machine management, and the use of connected sensors for better resource and incident management.
  • Combined with a digital twin platform, it optimizes industrial production through a digital graphical representation.

From industrial robots to smart vehicles, 5G is revolutionizing the industrial sector, even influencing the future design of factories and their maintenance through technologies such as autonomous carts and augmented reality. 5G thus paves the way for a new era in the industry.