Life sciences

Life sciences

CILYX specializes in the development of Production Machines & Systems for Life Sciences.

Syringes & Vials

Automated handling, transport and serialization

Handling, transport, and serialization are all essential steps in the processing of pre-filled vials and syringes, which are used in the manufacture of medicines such as vaccines.

Cilyx offers a wide range of state-of-the-art solutions to improve productivity, reliability, and traceability all along your production line.

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Active in Primary and Secondary Packaging sectors, CILYX specializes in the transport, handling, and serialization of syringes and vials. Its custom solutions comply with the legal, regulatory, and documentary requirements that are specific to the life sciences sectors.

Bio process automation


The industrial production of vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, and cell therapies involves numerous tedious and repetitive operations in a sterile production environment. The pharmaceutical release of GMP production batches also requires traceability of these operations.

CILYX is your partner for any automation project for your biopharmaceutical production.

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CILYX specializes in the automation of bio-productions that use single-use technologies.

We offer a coherent and optimized set of equipment that is dedicated to the management of cell cultures in sterile production environments.

HME Downstream Equipment

Hot melt extrusion & downstream equipment

Extrusion is an ideal manufacturing technique for preparing several types of dosage forms and drug delivery systems. It offers numerous advantages: the absence of solvents, few processing steps, continuous operation, and the possibility of a solid formulation via controlled and improved diffusion, etc.

The extruder is usually combined with different types of downstream supplementary equipment, in order to obtain extrusion-based production lines that are capable of manufacturing a variety of solid dosage forms (pellets, tablets, etc.).

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CILYX has developed a variety of supplementary downstream equipment for various pharmaceutical applications, from the laboratory to large-scale production: precision cutting systems (pelletizers), vial cutters, ring-welding solutions, etc.

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