PFS600 - Laser marking solution

Pre-filled syringes

Container Types

In order to ensure the authenticity of pharmaceutical products and to fight against the counterfeiting of medicines, marking is a crucial step which allows better control and total traceability of products. This step also makes it possible to eliminate the risks of severe contamination caused by the mix-up of products during filling and packaging operations. But how can we ensure the marking of products without altering the most fragile containers, such as pre-filled syringes and glass vials?

This is now possible with the PFS600.

NAGINELS® technology :

Equipped with innovative NAGINELS® technology, the PFS600 is an exclusive laser-marking solution for pre-filled syringes. It ensures the unique and permanent marking of syringes without altering the glass, in order to offer greater traceability for products and eliminate the risk of mix-ups.

NAGINELS® technology:
Technical specifications

NAGINELS® technology:

NAGINELS® (Non-Aggressive Internal Engraving Laser System) is a unique laser-marking technology developed by our partner LASEA, which satisfies the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

It uses an air-cooled femtosecond laser to mark containers with a diffractive code inside the glass, without producing any glass particles and preserving it from micro-cracking or any physical changes to the properties of the glass.


  1. Eliminate the risk of mix-ups
  2. Pharmaceutical serialisation and traceability solution: guarantees the unique and permanent marking of your PFS
  3. No glass modification
  4. High speed track and trace serialization solution: mark up to 600 syringes/min (36,000 syringes/h)
  5. Compatibility with high-speed processing, while ensuring the marking of a defined code (UDI)
  6. Up to 18x18 dots at 60 ms per datamatrix
  7. Small engraving area (0.6mm x 0.6mm)
  8. Flexibility and ability to achieve high performance
  9. PFS600 is compact and guarantees a small footprint
  10. It guarantees the safety of your operators
  11. Harmonious integration and installation study in the production line
  12. No impact on overall industrial performance or cycle time


Downstream denesting
Deconditioning of your syringes from nests
Conveying of syringes back into line
Real/False rejects
Processing of real/false rejects upstream, after the visual inspection unit
Reconditioning in tubs/nests | RN150-300-600

Technical specifications






Multiformats :

  • 6,85mm
  • 8,15mm
  • 10,85mm
  • 0.5 – 2,25ml
  • Needle shields, tip caps, Luer Lock, PRTC, etc. compatibility

600 syringes/min (36 000 syringes /h) guaranteed

  • NAGINELS® technology
  • Permanent, cold-chain resistant marking
  • No impact on product and container
  • No microcracks
  • Small engraving area (0.6mm x 0.6mm)
  • Multi-format printing (alphanumeric, datamatrix, GS1, QR codes…)
  • Reliable coding and reading
  • High efficiency (> 95%)
  • Low rejection rate (< 0.1%)
  • Integration into your production line
  • Customised configuration


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