Full-scale production ring welding machine

Cilyx has developed an innovative welding process for polymer strands. It is particularly well adapted to the production of vaginal rings. Process parameters are fully adjustable for various applications and materials (temperature, cycle time, etc.). The machine throughput is easily configurable to customer needs and can go up to large scale production.


Ciseo’s full-scale production ring welding machine perfectly meets the needs of the pharmaceutical industry: robust, compact and harmoniously integrated into your production line.

It increases your company’s productivity while guaranteeing the safety of your operators.

CE certified, it meets all the requirements of cGMP and GAMP5.

High precision molds
Maximum flexibility
Pharmaceutical Application
Dimensions Ring Welding System

High precision molds

The full-scale production ring welding machine is a fully autonomous solution for welding strands into rings. A bundle of precut strands can be loaded manually into a buffer which gives sufficient autonomy to the production line. They are then automatically loaded into the line. Optionally the length of the strand can be controlled and adjusted automatically. The strands are then introduced into the different welding units. The welding unit molds are machined with high precision and allow a perfect fit with the strands. This prevents the welding process to cause any burrs and ensures a very strong welding resistance after the cooling process.

The mold design is adapted in accordance with the strands and rings dimensional and material properties. Each mold temperature is controlled individually to match a perfect repeatability of the process. To reduce the process cycle time, a cooling system is also integrated into the mold.

Maximum flexibility

The machine throughput is fully scalable to customer need since the quantity of welding units integrated in the machine can be easily adapted. The welding units cycle time is established at the project start for a given product and the layout of the ring welding line is then scaled to match a given throughput. Each welding unit can be stopped individually.

Pharmaceutical Application

The computer controlling of the ring welding machine is installed into a rugged stainless-steel housing that conforms with GMP guidelines. The user interface is easy to operate, allows full access to all machine parameters and monitors the analytical performance with live diagrams of the measured temperatures. The software features different user levels with customizable access rights, secured and safe data export, and audit trail support for 21 CFR part 11 compliance. The ring welding machine comes with complete IQ/OQ documentation.

Dimensions Ring Welding System


Processing range

Line throughput



Qty. of welding units

up to 20 per line

Strands nominal diameter

2 mm – 4 mm

Strands nominal length

140 mm – 175 mm

Automatic loader with buffer


Automatic length adjustment



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