Automation of Cell Cultures

Automation of Cell Cultures

Automation of adherent cell cultures

The automation of bioproduction using cell stacks and cell factories is a valuable aid that allows biopharmaceutical production units to achieve both quantitative and qualitative objectives. The advantages in terms of traceability and repeatability of filling, emptying, rinsing, shaking, and harvesting cycles make these solutions invaluable.

Our solutions are fully customizable and can be configured to meet your requirements.


  • Simultaneous handling of up to 6 CF40 racks
  • Fluid transfers (suspended cells, media, etc.) regulated by peristaltic pumps and pinch valves
  • Pre-programmed recipes for full handling cycles
  • Full traceability of each rack or stack throughout the cell-culture cycle
  • Easy handling for incubator entries and removals
  • Complies with all regulatory standards (cGMP guidelines, 21 CFR Part 11)
  • Grade B/ISO Class 5
  • Possible integration into existing production zones


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