AFS V2021 – Point-of-fill sterile filtration

Automation of Single-Use Systems

Sterile filtration of vaccines and parenteral drugs before the filling step is an important requirement in terms of good manufacturing practices in the pharmaceutical sector. You want to make sure that it is carried out under the safest conditions: filter-integrity tests before and after production, sterility assurance and production data integrity are at the heart of the features of our automated AFS V2021 final filtration system.

AFS 2021 automates the transfer and final filtration of your products by adapting to your single-use systems that connect the finished product vessel and your filling equipment. The highly adaptable AFS interfaces with the most common filter-integrity testing equipment and the vast majority of sterile filters on the market.


The automated AFS V2021 filtration system perfectly satisfies the needs of the pharmaceutical industries: feedback from production data (batch reports and audit trails) to the customer’s SCADA, compactness, flexibility in the configuration of the single-use assemblies used.

Your filtration system is CE-certified and satisfies all the requirements related to cGMP and GAMP5 good manufacturing practices.

Technical characteristics


  1. The AFS V2021 is compact and ensures a small footprint
  2. It allows filter-integrity tests to be carried out before and after production at the point of fill and therefore facilitates the release of production batches
  3. Guarantees the safety of your operators: all movements are protected
  4. High modularity: the AFS adapts to your single-use assemblies: filters, tubes (lengths and sections), sensors, etc.
  5. Measurement of transferred volumes and regulation of the flow of the peristaltic pump


  1. Custom sampling configuration
  2. Level of integration with the SCADA of the production line at the customer's choice
  3. Regulation of the filtration flow rate to the needs of your filling equipment
  4. Interfacing with filter-integrity testing equipment from leading brands

Technical characteristics






Adjustable to the needs of the filling equipment 

Dimensions (LxDxH)



Stainless steel 304/316L (mobile on wheels) 

  • Siemens S7 – 1500 PLC  
  • Phoenix Contact Panel PC 
Standard integrity-testing systems
  • Palltronic Flowstar 
  • Sartocheck 


  • Integration into your production line
  • Custom configuration


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